Olimpeks has been involved in consultancy, design, engineering and construction of:

    • COLD STORAGE Investments targeting the food and other industry.
    • HVAC (Heating - Ventilation - Air Conditioning) systems

    Our professional team offers a wide array of services, which can be handled individually or under the single-source construct approach.

    It also gives technical services to prospective entrepreneurs in maintenance and operation of HVAC and cold storage systems.

    At Olimpeks, we understand that your project is a major component to the success of your business, and therefore must meet your specialized needs.


    Our team of refrigeration engineers, HVAC and cold storage architects bring many years of knowledge and experience to every project, providing the quality service and the intelligent solutions you expect from a leader in our industry.


    From the design to the material handling, to the finished product, we work with you every step of the way helping ensure your project is built right, on time, on budget, and with safety as the number one priority.


    Olimpeks' services include Heating - Ventilation - Air Conditioning systems; industrial refrigeration system evaluation and design, feasibility studies, and management of all critical components including air handling units, VRF systems and cold storage systems complet of structural support system, insulated panels, floor insulation, cold storage doors, refrigeration systems and other accessories such as ventilation, humidification and dehumidification systems or  controlled atmosphere storage systems...


    Olimpeks is able to give turnkey services for:

    • Heating - Ventilation - Air Conditioning systems for the buldings.
    • Refrigeration Systems for the supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, hotels...
    • Industrial Cold Rooms
      • Meat and meat products
      • Dairy and dairy products
      • Fruit and vegetables
      • Frozen food and Ice cream
      • Poultry products
      • Banana ripening and storage
    • Process cooling
    • Tailor-made air handling solutions for hatchery
    • Ice rinks
    • Industrial air conditioning and ventilation
    • Test chambers
    • Panel insulated prefabricated buildings
    • Steel structural systems
    • Industrial racking
    • Truck docking systems and other logistics equipment